The project's coordinator, co-coordinator and manager are responsible for the smooth running of all operations related to PANACEA. They are assisted by the Executive Committee responsible for general scientific and technical organization, realization and timeliness of the project.

Members of the Executive Committee

Anne Lesage (Project Coordinator, CNRS Lyon)
Guido Pintacuda (Project Co-coordinator, CNRS Lyon)
Maurane Vanderzwalm (Project manager, CNRS Lyon)
Mariana Sardo (University of Aveiro)
Thomas Vosegaard (Aarhus University)
Moreno Lelli (CERM/CIRMMP Florence)
Ulrika Brath (University of Göteborg)
Pierre Florian (CNRS Orléans)
Sebastian Wegner (Bruker Biospin)
Staffan Schantz (AstraZeneca & University of Göteborg)

The highest governing body is the General Assembly in which all partners are represented and that serves as the forum for making decisions concerning any vital issues of the project.

PANACEA is supported by an External Advisory Board (EAB) and by a Stakeholder Assembly (SKA), two independent bodies that evaluate the performance of the consortium and provide recommendations to run the project.

Members of the External Advisory Board (EAB)

Karsten Seidel (BASF, Germany)
Leif Karlson (AkzoNobel, Sweden)
Odile Eisenstein (French Academy of Sciences; CNRS Montpellier & Univ. Oslo, Norway)
Denka Hristova-Bogaerds (Dutch Polymer Institute, the Netherlands)
Charlotte Martineau-Corcos (Cortecnet, France)
Marek Potrzebowski (University of Łódź, Poland)

The Stakeholder Committee (SKA)

The SKA is composed of all industrials, RTO, public associations or learned societies interested in the project. Its size will grow during the project. If you are interested in joining the SKA, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..