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The experience applications are filed electronically and processed immediately. Please contact the relevant institution correspondents for more information, or for developping your experiences proposals.


Since 2008 France has established a national network of flagship NMR facilities providing High-Resolution and High-Field capabilities [TGIR-RMN-THC FR3050 CNRS ] making available the latest cutting edge but high-costs developments to a broad community of experts and non-expert national and international users.

This multi-sited structure features research teams of international visibility providing a unique combinations of high-cost and high-performance instruments and associated skills in development of methods and application to biology, chemistry, physics, geology, or materials sciences.

The facilities are spread all over the French territory located at Grenoble, Lyon, Orléans, Gif sur Yvette, Paris, Lille, and Bordeaux. These sites are supported at the national level for investment, staff, maintenance, and travel & expenses for national users (international proposals – up to 10% of available time – are only funded for experimental time).

Each of the sites of the TGIR-RMN-THC is committed to provide one third (1/3) of its experimental time and associated expertise [100 days per year] to the community through a constantly open call for proposals. The sites of Grenoble and Lyon [RALF-NMR] are jointly part of the FP7 funded BIONMR I3 running project and were part of the FP6 Eu-NMR project both with focus to biological applications.

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