PANACEA organized a lunch workshop at EUROMAR 2023 in Glasgow. Around 70 people participated, and we met potential new users!

Steven Brown from the University of Warwick introduced a short presentation of PANACEA, while Anne Lesage and Guido Pintacuda from the CRMN, Lyon gave an overview of the PANACEA project, as well as an overwiew of Transnational Access.

Jennifer Gomez, local operator at the Radboud University and Trent Franks from the University of Warwick presented Transnational access from facilities point of view. Then, Frédéric Blanc from the University of Liverpool, and current user of the PANACEA project, presented his perspective as a user, and how PANACEA helped him through his own projects. 

Then, Thomas Vosegaard from the Aahrus University presented the EasyNMR interface, developed through the PANACEA project and Kristof Grohe from Bruker Biospin revealed our new MAS NMR probes.

Finally, Anne Lesage and Guido Pintacuda detailed our upcoming events, especially our second Users meeting which will be held in Florence, Italy, from 14-16 of November 2023.

We were delighted to see you!