The picturesque city of Florence set the stage for PANACEA's second Annual User Meeting, a two-day event that delved deep into research linked to Solid-state NMR undertaking by researchers involved in the PANACEA project. The gathering, which took place on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th of November, brought together a diverse community of researchers, scientists, and industrial experts keen on exploring the latest developments in research and build on current and futur lasting collaborations.

Day 1: A Deep Dive into Solid-state NMR
The conference kicked off on Day 1, as participants engaged in a series of enlightening talks that showcased interesting research on various domains. From pharmaceuticals to inorganic materials and polymers, the presentations provided a comprehensive overview of the broad applications of Solid-state NMR. Attendees were treated to insights that promised to shape the future of research endeavors in the PANACEA community.

Day 2: Continued Momentum and Inspiring Discussions
Day 2 maintained the momentum, featuring more inspiring presentations and discussions on Solid-state NMR. Researchers from different access sites shared their research projects, Solid-state NRM for energy materials, instrumentation, software and remote access. An additional round table was organized to foster current and future opportunities to link Eastern European NMR infrastructures within the PANACEA project. The day concluded on a high note, marking the success of PANACEA’s 2nd Annual user meeting.

A Uniting Experience
The PANACEA Annual User Meeting served as a platform to unite users from Europe and beyond, providing them with an opportunity to share insights and research. The collaborative spirit was evident throughout the event, as participants engaged in discussions sparking new ideas and collaborations for the next steps of the project.

We wish to thank all participants, speakers, and organizers who contributed to the success of the PANACEA Annual User Meeting.