On tuesday the 28th of November, PANACEA was presented during the third webinar on trans-national opprotunities organised by RICH EUROPE.

RICH EUROPE, is a project dedicated to enhancing and supporting the professionalization and harmonization of Research Infrastructures and is a National Contact Point service across Europe, serving as a crucial platform contributing to the consolidation of the European research infrastructure ecosystem.

The webinar provided an excellent opportunity to spotlight the PANACEA project, shedding light on its transnational acces opportunities available to a diverse range of chemistry users, including academics and industrial professionals. Whether one is an expert in solid-state NMR or new to the field, the PANACEA project aims to bridge gaps and facilitate collaboration, offering access to its seven sites strategically located across Europe and more. 

Notably, the webinar served as a catalyst for exploring synergies and potential futur cross-overs with other projects within the Horizon community that share common goals.

The attendees had the chance to discover additional transnational access opportunities, fostering a collaborative environment within the broader research community end research infrastructure landscape.

The following speakers presented their Horizon projects : 

- Saba Abdulghani (CanServ)

- Roberto Trasarti (Sobigdata)

- Nathalia Maticiuc (Viperlab)

- Raphaële Coulon (PANACEA)