On June 16th, 2024, we welcomed participants and speakers to the stunning Island of San Servolo for an official welcome cocktail and dinner. The picturesque setting provided the perfect backdrop for participants to network and set the stage for an engaging week ahead.

Details of the Event

Kick-starting the PANACEA Summer School for an exciting week of engaging talks and discussions on Solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

PANACEA Summer School Highlights

The tailored summer school program commenced with a series of insightful lectures and interactive sessions designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Solid-state NMR spectroscopy.


Day 1

Morning Lectures:

  • Quantum Mechanics for NMR by Prof. J. Mathies
  • NMR Hamiltonians and Magic-angle Spinning by Prof. M. H. Levitt

Afternoon Parallel Sessions:

  • Processing with Prof. T. Vosegaard
  • Pulse Programming Basics with Dr. G. Althoff
  • Circuits Basics with Prof. P. Grandinetti
  • Phase Cycling with Prof. M. Hope

The day's lectures concluded with "From Hamiltonians to Spectra" by Prof. M. H. Levitt, providing a comprehensive overview that left participants eager for more.


Evening Activities: The day ended with dynamic round table sessions and flash talks, where participants shared their scientific research. The evening wrapped up with a delightful dinner in downtown Venice, marking a successful first day.


Day 2

Morning Lectures:

  • DFT Calculation of NMR Parameters by Prof. L. Mueller
  • Quadrupoles by Prof. P. Grandinetti

Afternoon Sessions:

  • The Origin of Chemical Shift with Prof. C. Copéret
  • Instrumental: CryoMAS Probes and Automation in MAS NMR with Dr. B. Perrone
  • Simulations of MAS NMR Spectra with Prof. T. Vosegaard
  • DFT Calculation of NMR Parameters (Part 2) with Prof. L. Mueller

Evening Activities: The day concluded with round table sessions and flash talks, fostering a collaborative environment. A convivial barbecue on the picturesque island of San Servolo provided a perfect end to Day 2.


Day 3

Morning Lectures:

  • Probes and Cryomagnets for ssNMR by Prof. F. Engelke
  • Relaxation by Prof. J. Lewandowski

Afternoon Exploration: Participants enjoyed a free afternoon to explore the beautiful city of Venice and its surroundings, offering a refreshing break before diving back into the intensive sessions.


Day 4

Morning Lectures:

  • Decoupling and Recoupling by Prof. T. Polenova
  • Paramagnetic NMR by Prof. C. Grey

Afternoon Parallel Sessions:

  • Hands-on ssNMR with Dr. B. Perrone
  • Models of Relaxation with Prof. J. Lewandowski
  • Machine Learning Tools for Data Analysis with Prof. P. Grandinetti
  • Pulse Programming with Prof. T. Polenova

This was followed by lectures on DFT Calculation of NMR Parameters and Simulations of MAS NMR Spectra.

Evening Activities: The day concluded with a dynamic Q&A session between speakers and participants, and the PANACEA Summer School Gala dinner in a beautiful garden setting, celebrating the week's achievements.


The PANACEA Summer School on Fundamentals of Solid State NMR Spectroscopy for Chemists concluded on Friday, June 21st. Over the past week, 68 participants engaged in an intensive learning experience featuring lectures, practical sessions, round tables, parallel sessions, and group discussions.

A broad range of topics was addressed, including Hamiltonians in solid-state NMR, Magic angle spinning and time-dependent Hamiltonians, Principles of recoupling and decoupling under MAS, Relaxation in the solid state, DFT calculations, and more.

A huge thank you to our esteemed guest speakers: Prof. Mathies, Prof. Levitt, Prof. Vosegaard, Prof. Hope, Prof. Grandinetti, Prof. Mueller, Prof. Copéret, Prof. Lewandowski, Prof. Polenova, Prof. Grey, and Dr. Perrone, and Dr. Althoff from Bruker.

Also, a massive thank you to our PANACEA organization committee for their dedication and hard work. We look forward to the next edition of the PANACEA Summer School!AM0_4564.jpg