On the 29th of May 2024, Anne Bouchaudy and Mathis Litaudon from Separative joined Tobias Schubeis at the CRMN for a Panacea Taster day to evaluate the applicability and information content of 29Si solid-state NMR on their chromatography materials. Functionalized sites were detected and quantified with respect to the bare silica background. 


Separative is a start-up based in Saint-Fons near Lyon, founded in 2014 by the current CEO François Parmentier. They are specialised in the manufacturing of multi-capillary monolithic chromatography columns designed for complex purifications. 

Liquid chromatography columns are specialised tubes packed with a stationary phase material through which a liquid mobile phase is passed under pressure. These columns are used to separate, identify, and quantify compounds in a mixture. 


Silica is a widely used material for the stationary phase due to its favorable physical and chemical properties. To tailor silica for specific applications, the surface is functionalized with various chemical groups such as C18, C8, CN, or NH2. It is important for the producer to analyse the efficiency of the silica functionalization. 29Si solid-state NMR is a powerful method to provide quantitative information on the different silicon sites in a powered material. 


The taster day set the ground for a new collaboration showcasing and encouraging industry scientists to see how experimental solid-state NMR can provide insights into their characterization challenges and questions !